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TEAM IN 2007-2011 PERIOD

Specialist of DDNIRD constantly involved in researches on birds biology, distribution, ecology and conservation, having the "Orntihology" research team as main research team:

Scientific Researcher gr. I
Scientific Researcher gr. IDr. KISS Janos Botond - research on birds, mammals

Scientific Reserchers gr. III
MARINOV Mihai - research on birds, mammals
DOROŞENCU Alexandru-Cătălin - research on birds, consultancy in Natura 2000 issues and in environmental impact assessment studies.

Scientific Researcher
ALEXE Vasile - research on birds

Note: The "Orntihology" research team" includes as support staff one technician and six rangers.


Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development interest in birds’ research and monitoring has started once with the year (1970) of the establishment. At the beginning, the main task was the research of game’s biology. The institute has continued the main task of the former Danube Delta Hunting Station, established in Tulcea in 1953.

The former  "Orntihology" research team of the DDNIRD in colaboration to other specialsts contributed to the establishment of new protected areas (Natural Reservations) within the Danube Delta: Caraorman Forest and Erenciuc Forest, in 1971.
Since 1986, using computer information technology, several databases in field of ornithology and game species where setup.
The results obtained by the  "Orntihologiy" research team  during investigation carried out before 1975 contributed to the Romanian Government decisions to increase the total surface of Natural Reservations in the Danube Delta from 39,224 ha to 41,500 ha, and to the subsequent decisions:
 to increase de surface of the Danube Delta as a Biosphere Reserve at 547.000 ha, in 1990,
- to declare as both Natural World Heritage and Ramsar site in 1991
- to declare as Wetlands of International Importance and waterbirds habitat.
- to declare the surface ot the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve at 580,000 ha, (Low no. 82 / 1993).

The  "Orntihology" research team has contributed by their research and monitoring programme to the elaboration of
 Colonial Waterbirds and their habitat use in the Danube Delta, in 2004.

The quality of expertise on bird was nationally recognized by designating the Danube Delta National Institute as coordinator of Natura 2000 implementation in

The "Orntihology" research team contributed to the designation of Natura 2000 Special Protection Areas (SPA) and was designated to lead the field surveys and the scientific assessment of SPA’s.

The "Orntihology" research team  carried out over 30 projects deling with:
- climatic changes and their impact on birds phenology
- the role of birds in diseases transmission projects;
- environmental Impact Assessment studies
- bird monitoring before, during and after major, mild and small impact processes studies;
- bird monitoring before, during and after ecological reconstructions projects;
- monitoring of species of community interest in SPA’s and SCI’s from the DDBR


In the last 5 years the team-members of the  "Orntihology" research team were involved in 9 research projects deling with biodiversity inventory, monitoring of the birds, assessment of threats and conservation measures




Diseases 1 1 1   1
Conservation and Management 2 2 3 4 5
Monitoring     1 1 1

The team members of the "Orntihology" research team involved in the above mentioned projects contributed to:
- improvement of the database of Natura 2000 by validation of the data recorded on 148 sites that have been designated as Bird Special Protection Areas (Government Decision no 971/2011)
- improvement the knowledges on West Nile Virus prevalence by species, sex, age and habitat for wild and domestic birds and horses
- the elaboration of innovative research methods to the detection and warning system for the West Nile Virus
- improvement the knowledges on White-tailed Eagle distribution inside of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
- evaluation of the breeding and wintering population of  White-tailed Eagle
- building 10 artificial nests and feeding platforms for White-tailed Eagle
- ringing 9 juvenils of the White-tailed Eagle
- improvement the knowledges on the population trends for 147 wild species of birds and distribution over the 26 habitats of Community Interest in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
- designation of seven major waterbird colonies as core areas of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
- the development and implementation of the transnational strategies for the conservation of the Danube River natural heritage


The "Orntihology" research team provide during 2009 - 2011 period support and assistance to elaboration of two PhD thesis.


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